Reload Individual Services

When testing new or edited scripts and automations it would be helpful if you could reload all scripts like you can with automations.

The same would be nice for reloading the customization.yaml as well.

I know you can restart the HA service but I’ve found doing that too many times breaks my Wink token. Which means I have to update my Wink config and then restart HA again.

Switch authentication methods - tokens are kinda outdated.

Contact Wink Support and ask for an API access client ID/secret ID as outlined in the docs here: (Email for request is in the doc).

It takes a few days to a week, but then you’ll never have to worry about this again. Big changes in Wink support are coming in the next release, BTW.

Oh nice, that is good to know! Thanks.

Yeah, I was testing for the dev and things are going to rock for Wink support. Lots of bugs fixed, tighter code and new device/sensor support.

Make sure you read the release notes though as there are some breaking changes, especially in the way that binary sensors are named in Wink.

Good call on the binary sensor naming. Last time they changed I had a hell of a time figuring out where I went wrong. I need to read more haha.

I’ve been looking at the PR description and the changes look real nice. I’m a bit curious about the Nest Protect changes since I can’t even figure out how to see the smoke and CO severity as a percentage in the Wink App. All I can see is a green check mark for “Ok”. I assume more info about the sensors is exposed by the API? I also got real excited about the Lutron remote part until I saw Pico remotes aren’t supported yet. But progress is progress. Thanks to you and @w1ll1am23 for all your work on this.

I don’t think the Wink API exposes those values as percentages. In fact, I’m not sure the Nest API does it in HA anymore either.

The fields for the nest protect were present in the API so I added them. I have no way of testing, and I doubt anyone else is willing to start a fire to verify they work lol.

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Funny you say that. I just sat here earlier trying to think of a way to safely test my Protect (just installed yesterday) and the automations/scripts I wrote for it. Wondering if blowing out a candle under it might work.

As for the status, from what I found in my searching is that Nest reports the status of the smoke and CO sensors as “alarm status” and can be one of 3 options:


So far the only thing I’ve been able to verify is “Ok” (thankfully).

You can try these:

FWIW, I have found that letting my kids cook bacon in the morning works for this as well.

Sadly, a successful test also expends the bacon.

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Fortunately, a successful test results in crisp bacon.

Fixed that for you.

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hah! All a matter of perspective, I guess!