Reloading appDaemon components

I’m trying to make a clear structure to my appDaemon to easen future development and debugging, but I have many problems with auto reload of modules that has been changed.

My current structure is done this way:

  module: sensors
  class: sensors

  module: analysis
  class: analysis

class Sens():
   def __init__(self, parent: hass.Hass, name): = name
      self.parent = parent
      self.value = None
      self.par.listen_state(self.getValue, name)
   def getValue(self, sensor, state, prev, val, *a, **ka):
      self.value = self.parse(val)

   def get(self):
      return self.value

   def set(self, v):
      self.parent.set_state(, state=v)

class Actuator(Sens):
   def set(self, v):
      super(Actuator, self).set(v)

class Sensors(hass.Hass):
   s = None

   def initialize(self):
      self.dehumidifier = Actuator(parent=self, name="switch.dehumidifier_switch")
      self.humidity = Sens(parent=self, "sensor.relative_humidity") 
      sensors.s = self
      self.call_service("app/restart", app="analysis", namespace="admin")

s : Sensors|None = None

class analysis(hass.Hass):
   def initialize(self):
      self.run_minutely(self.timed, datetime.time(0, 0, 0))

   def timed(self, **kwargs):
      global s
      if Sensors.s is None:
      s = Sensors.s

      s.dehumidifier.set(s.humidity.get() > 70)

Since analysis.s is initialized on Sensors.s every cycle, when changes analysy read the updated class.
Since I call the service app/restart, when i change sensors even analysis starts to point to the new object.

But i’m having problems, for example Actuator.set fails on super for a strange reason:

super(type, obj): obj must be an instance or subtype of type

Is there a way to keep all classes updated on every file change?
All problems disappears when I restart AD, but it’s slow.