Reloading Configuration inside removes all workflows/scripts from packages

When I click the options inside Configuration reloading (Reload Core, Reload Groups, Reload Automation, Reload Scripts), all my automation and scripts from packages become inactive and are no longer showing under States menu until I restart Hass.

I am assuming this is happening because I commented out my automations and scripts (# automation: !include automations.yaml) inside my configuration.yaml because I moved all my scripts and automation to separate files inside packages: !include_dir_named packages.

Is this a bug or did I misconfigure something?


This is a known issue. Restart homeassistant.

Got it, thanks.

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Can you please point me to the known ticket. I realized that my automations are now randomly stopping working even if i don’t reaload configuration. So I just want to check if this is related and if I should just go back to not using packages.

And others.

General answer is that even though packages are the best way to organise your files, the devs don’t care about this use case.

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It’s a shame, I spent a full day migrating to packages because it was so much more organized. At least your answer saved me days of troubleshooting. Thanks!