Reloading Template Sensors

The ability to reload template sensors would be great they are templates after all and a full reboot to implement them seems silly. Or is that a feature request?

While that is more of a feature request, it’s pretty “what the heck” that it hasn’t been implemented in light of all the other UI reload options.

Having a reload option for template sensors (like automations, groups, scripts, helpers, etc) would be awesome.

This reminded me that I have been wishing for the ability to add template sensors via the “Helpers” UI in the admin, much for this same reason. Adding them through the UI would cause them to be loaded immediately I believe.

This appears to be a separate, albeit related feature request.

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Great idea, it would make the issue I run into regarding my WTH ( much less painful to work around at least.

Now appears to be a WIP.

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