Remainder after division

I don’t understand why the expression is evaluated incorrectly?
How to force division by 100 correctly?

Division with floats is a hard problem for computers, and small errors are often introduced. You can google the reasons (related to using binary and the limits of floating point processors) if you want to learn more.

If you need a number that looks more reasonable for display, you could consider rounding or perhaps multiplying both sides of the division by 100.

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Thank you, I didn’t know, now everything works out. I tried round(4) but it didn’t work because… I forgot to put the main expression in brackets

Tell me how to solve this expression? No matter how I tried, it didn’t work.

{{ 0.0358 - 0.03575 }}

I wanted to get a result that was obvious to people 0,00005

So far I have found a solution for myself, this is python formatting (if I understand correctly)

{{ ('%0.5f' | format(0.0358 - 0.03575))}}
{{ '{:.5f}'.format(0.0358 - 0.03575)}}