Remeha home integration

I will be getting a combination of a Remeha Tzerra Ace/Elga Ace hybrid boiler/heatpump installed in my house soon. I want to use Home Assistant to make a smart zone heating system using Zigbee TRVs and temperature sensors in mulitple rooms.
I found this repository on github, and a few mentions in the forum here.
I was wondering if this gives all the control I need for that setup (I need to be able to tell the boiler when to heat, regardless of the temperature at the thermostat, ideally I would also want to control things like the temperature of the heating water, modulation level depending on the expedted load, etc). If not, would it be a solution to get an OpenTherm gateway from Remeha (that translates their own protocol to OpenTherm), and additionally an open source OpenTherm gateway? The list here: Equipment information looks like OpenTherm doesn’t give full access to all the parameters so am I better off with the system as-is and the custom component linked above? Any advice from Remeha users is welcome.

Thanks for your help!