🌿 "Remember the Plants!" – An Awtrix Light Blueprint for Your Thirsty Foliage!

:herb::musical_note: “Remember the Plants!” – An Awtrix Light Blueprint for Your Thirsty Foliage!

TL;DR An Awtrix Light integration to display your plants humidity and remind you to water them whenever they feel thirsty.


Dream of a world where your plants communicate in lights and melodies? :seedling::notes: Introduce your home to “Remember the Plants!”, an exclusive Awtrix Light blueprint that converts your living space into a lively communication hub for your leafy friends! Witness the enchanting interplay between your plants’ moisture sensors and Awtrix Light, unveiling their hydration needs in a spectacle of colors and, optionally, playful RTTTL tunes. Embrace the dance of light and sound and tune into the whimsical whispers of your thirsty greens. Let’s make your household a melodious and illuminated green sanctuary! :musical_note::bulb::herb:

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.
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*new firmware version is AWTRIX 3 so i moded you blueprint to make it work


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Thank you both or doing this blueprint! Stoked to try it out. What sensors are you using? Can I make some ESPHome /ESP32 diy sensors for it? (I’m going to research this now…)

im using fabric xiaomi flower sensor and diy zegbee [diyruz](https://github.com/diyruz/flower) but you can use any sensor you like , this blueprint operates the numbers and dont care where numbers came from )