Reminder based on weather

Hi! I’m pretty new to Home Assistant and is still learning the ropes, so I’m hoping that you may help answer a question on setting up an automation.

I would like to set up reminder/notification for me to water my garden every day at sundown (or at evening), but only if it didn’t rain that day.

Is it possible?



Do want to water at sundown and be reminded then, or earlier? This is important, because it’s either a sun trigger at sundown, or a sun trigger with an offset, or at another fixed time using a time trigger. Those are your options.

The rain bit I would extract as a separate binary sensor from whichever weather integration you have. Probably a template sensor and a weather service call. Then use this binary sensor as a condition.

There are several options for notifications.

Note that it’s generally good to show what you’ve read or tried around here in order to get help.

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