Reminder Service - does this exist

Hi - looking for an addon that would do this:

  • Allow me to set reminder that I need to do X in Y days.
  • Tell me Y-1 days that X is coming up.
  • Tell me that X is overdue Y+1 days and keep telling me this until I trigger something (this could be a simple webhook) <-- This part could be optionally configuration of given reminder.

I built this myself using Google Sheets and Google Scripts but would like to migrate to hassio. If it doesnt exist might create or request a feature addon if others also interested in something similar.


There isn’t an add-on for that specific function, but all of the elements already exist in Home Assistant to allow you to create such a setup. You just have to be creative and bang your head against the table for a while and you’ll get it.

For example, if the Google Calendar component senses that there’s an event with a specific title, something, anything I want, happens based upon some simple math done inside of automations or scripts or NodeRED flows. Use a sensor to sense the state, do some math, make something happen.

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