Reminders/alert when I am back home

Dear all,

this could be an “abuse” of home assistant but still useful (at least for me).

I would like to set reminders that are sent to my phone as soon as I get back home.

My idea is:

  • “reminders sent to phone” -> telegram bot (already configured)
  • “as soon as I get back home” -> ping my phone every minute or even more
  • “set a reminder” -> send a command to the telegram bot

But the biggest problem is: how to implement the queue of reminders? If the queue is limited to one single message, I could use a input variable of type string. But what if I want to set multiple reminders?

Can you help me? Any idea?

you can send everything as multiple actions in an automation. Is that what you’re asking?

or you could just put everything into a string/sensor_value/yourchoiceofvariablecontainer and then parse it out. looping through until done.