Reminders with notifications from lovelace

I’m actually surprised I could not find this integration,

But basicly a Lovelace card that allows me to set a reminder at a specific date/time and to specific targets or recipiants.

Could set it to use TTS for google speakrs like the home mini etc, or mobile notifiy. Better yet just allow you to call a service or setup different notification templates which can then be set to call specific services etc.

Then, at the date and time, that recipient get a notification of the reminder.

Pretty basic.

Nothing out there, if so I think someone should bite on this :rofl: :rofl:

You can do this yourself with a an input_text helper, an input_datetime helper, an entities card and a pretty basic automation.

  - platform: time
    at: input_datetime.my_reminder
  - service: notify.my_phone
    message: "{{ states('input_text.my_reminder') }}"

Alternatively you could use the local calendar and an automation.

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I would struggle a bit to implement this into the UI though.

All the entities used and the automation can be made using the UI. Try it.

Ok, can you give me an example of how to start. Ill feel my way from there.

For example, how to simply add a box to the UI to allow for date selection.


Date selection will be the input_datetime, see Settings → Devices & Services → Helpers (up the top of the page) → Add Helper (at the bottom right).

Also create an input_text helper for your reminder text to go in.

You can add both these entities to an entities card in your dashboard.

Legend, lets see how I go.