Remote acces from android Phone to homeassistant

I have Home assistant on a rasberry pi 4B.Im trying to get access to my homeassistant from my android phone,outside my private wifi network.
Are there someone that can recomend me how to get this setup for free?And easy to setup?Have looked at countless videos.And all my attemts failes.And i have tried several different types of recomended vpns and setups. And they all fail. I dont get any acces from my phone outside my private network. I only get acces on my private network (wifi). Are there any videos that show everything step by step.Total full innstallation and you can see that it works,also the setup on the wifi router??Not only those that skip the last part,and you have to figure it out yourself??

just to be completely honest but if you have failed countless times how do you expect to fix any issues that come up in a month or 2? You will be stuck and very upset. If you are unable to set up Duck DNS and Lets Encrypt then I highly suggest using Nabu Casa cloud so you don’t get upset later on.

You have to think about how you will maintain it when things break because they will, the cloud you don’t have to worry about that.


Or maybe Taiscale (free). It is probably the easiest VPN to set up.


Thanks for help.
Its going to be ha homey pro 23 under the christmas tree this year :slight_smile:

You could subscribe to Nabu Casa for 5 years for the price of that device.


Yes i know.But i dont have to code everythng.and use hours of searching after ways to do stuff in HA.

I have found out some of my problems.My homeassistant is connected with the local:8123 way.Nothing connects to my ip address in homeassistant.i have cable som the same access laptop and rasberry pi 4,and they dont talk to each other.The ip adress does not exist,so this is a ip problem.i have sendt ping to homeassisten.and i got conact with no ip adress.I can see a ip adress on my screen from rasberry pi,with hdmi cable connected.What ip adress should i type?and from where?rasberry pi.distributor og wifi?? And is it ipv4 or ipv6 or wifi in the network menu?And how many places should i type the ip address?

Use this