Remote access does not (SSL Error -1200) just on one new device (other devices are OK) when not connected in VPN

just got a new Iphone 14 Pro(data & apps migrated from an old Phone X).
The companion app does not connect away from home (SSL Error -1200) but when I connect NordVPN first, it connects with no pb.

My other devices (of which the iPhone X) connect without any problem from away without NordVPN.
It’s getting me mad :wink:

Any idea/help?
Thanks in advance


I have exactly the same issue. I have HA latest release on a RPI. I use nginx proxy manager a reverse proxy and ssl endpoint with Letsencrypt.
I have two ne IPhones and when I’m away I have the same error. I tried with NordVPN too and it works.

Did you find a solution ?

Sorry for the dealy in the answer…No solution found so far.
And on your side?:slight_smile: