Remote access fails with DuckDNS


I’m a complete newbie in this HA World, so sorry if my question is already covered. But i’m trying to set up a remote connection to my HA using DuckDNS. I have a valid token from DuckDNS, installed DuckDNS to HA (and it is running). I also have made the port forwardings to my AmpliFi router ( → and —>

But I still cannot connect to HA from the outside network. Also if I try to connect from home network using it fails to connect.

I’m using Home Assistant Yellow, if it matters.

This year I kept getting problems after years of using duckdns with no problems.

I finally switched to a much easier and secure solution. Had I known this solution earlier, I would have been less annoyed and troubleshooting this year.
Recently I started using Tailscale: Video: Remotely access Home Assistant via Tailscale for free

You then also don’t have to set anything on the router of ports open.

Good luck, I hope others can help you otherwise with Duckdns working.

English is not my language, sorry for any mistakes that may be in there.

Ermmm… What does that mean? Those IPs should NOT be the same… You’re forwarding traffic from HA to HA?

You want rules like *:8123 → The exact syntax will depend on your device.

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Ok… Now I see the stupidity of my port forwarding :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll try that *:8123 when I get home

Thank you!

Okay… It wasn’t that straight forward. In AmpliFi port forwarding page there are only the following fields:

Name: (DuckDNS)
IP-address: (
Source port: (8123)
Destination port: (8123)
Protocol: (TCP)

Those are the values I have filled in now, but it does not work when trying to access remotely. Are those correct?

I don’t own that type of equipment, but based on the fields you describe, that is how I would populate them. So, assuming that is the correct IP for your Home Assistant server, and that we have both guessed correctly on populating the fields, your issue likely lies elsewhere.

Does your duckdns fqdn resolve correctly?

Yes, the ip-address is correct for the Home Assitant and DuckDNS seems to find the correct address also.

But Home Assistant cloud seems to work, so I continue with that. Thank you for your reply!