Remote access for HA

Hello all

during this past month i had 2 objectives to accomplish:
1)enable ALEXA to control HA and
2) enable remote acce3ss to my nas.

I tried duckdns and no-ip. There was no support for duckdns so i tried no-ip. It worked for a few days but the i keep getting timed out. This i because my ISP is based on a over air internet connection (not Wi-Fi) via a dish.

I am trying nabu casa and the integration to alexa is for the moment ok.

Because my isp is using Carrier Grade NAT layer (CGN Layer) I cannot use either duckdns or no -ip

My ISP has offered mew a fixed ip address for 2 euros a month. this will not be an encrypted communication.

my questions

  1. is there a process to integrate alexa to HA using my dedicated ip address?

  2. can/ should i use the modification to the config yaml (let’s encrypt ssl script as set out here above?

thank you

  2. Yes - you’ll also need to set up LetsEncrypt and DuckDNS/No-IP/similar

thank you very much for your reply