Remote Access Issue: CCTV Video Feeds Unavailable in Home Assistant Dashboard

Hello Home Assistant Community,

I am facing an issue with remote access to my CCTV video feeds in Home Assistant and could use some guidance to resolve it. Here’s a brief overview of my setup:

  1. NVR Setup: I have connected my NVR device to a separate router without internet access because the NVR uses a P2P protocol to communicate with clients. Filtering specific ports is not feasible due to the P2P protocol’s nature, and my primary router lacks advanced settings beyond port forwarding.

  2. Home Assistant Connection: The NVR router is connected to my Home Assistant server, and the Home Assistant server is linked to my home local area network. I have configured port forwarding on my primary internet router to allow remote access to my
    Home Assistant server.

  3. CCTV RTSP Links: I have obtained the CCTV RTSP links from the NVR router’s IP address and successfully added them to the Home Assistant dashboard.

Problem: While I can view the CCTV video feeds on my local server, I am unable to access the feeds when remotely accessing Home Assistant from outside my local network. The video streams are unavailable in the dashboard.

My primery router:
Secoundary router:

Stream when local area network (upload://pIcfZ3Mb7mxBz6YvBtEVGVlZShk.jpeg)

When accessing through remort access (upload://xDRhV8i5Cbr6C6MwWKITdQLvZ0L.png)

Thank you for your support and assistance.

Update: I have changed the system to use only one router because and I found a setting on my DVR to turn off P2P connections and only use the RTSP protocol to feed into Home Assistant.

After some troubleshooting, I discovered that the RTSPtoWebRTC integration requires a STUN server address to route the remote access connection. I added ‘,’ which is a free Google STUN server address, to the configuration, and it worked!

And i switched to WebRTC Camera integration to reduce latency without using picture glance or picture status entities, and it also provides additional functions.

Hope this reply will help someone :slight_smile:

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