Remote Access to Home Assistant setup on virtual box

I haven’t been able to get remote access to work using port forwarding.

My home assistant is installed on an old windows10 laptop using virtualbox (bridged), and im able to access it fine over my local network, but single port forwarding doesnt appear to be working with my linksys velop router with the settings External Port=8123, Internal Port=8123, Protocol=Both, and I use my HA ip. For some reason, I don’t see the home assistant listed under devices in my router either. not sure if that is part of the issue and if so how to fix it…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been mainly been using this youtube video to guide my setup:

But also this:

Nevermind. Fixed my issue. I have my linksys connected to my ATT modem/router. Had to give the linksys router access through the att modem/router as well


Waaaaaw, thank you , I had a headache for days trying to solve same problem, it was same issue :slight_smile: