Remote Access using a FritzBox & the AVM myFritz DDNS Service

Please try selecting “Native IP-Anbindung verwenden”.

do you mean Native IPv4-Anbindung verwenden?

Yes try this

unfortunately on IPv4 I don’t have internet connection anymore, if I take off “IPv4 über DS-Lite” it connects only with IPv6 and not with IPv4.
In the log I found this entry,

so I guess the customer service on the phone today had no idea what they were telling me and that is that my connection is on DL-Lite.
So all I´m left with is the alternative of VNP.

Or you could try using Ipv6 instead. I have not done this but here is a thread about it

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Hi Patrick,
May I kindly ask you to share what changes did you implement to solve Alexa issue?
I have the same issue but reading the commented post it not clear to me how to solve it.
Thanks a lot in advance

I have the same problem but I also cannot understand what to change from the linked thread. @C09038 and @patrickfl could you please help?