Remote access using duckdns

Everything was setup and working as per

When I tried to use my HASS Android App via a 4G connection, I suddenly got “Unable to connect to Home Assistant” with the reason being “net: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”. When I connect to my wifi, the app connects just fine.

I have had only two changes:

  • List item New ISP
  • List item Updated HASS (2022.3.8)

One re-reading this I saw that I need to renew my certificates every 90 days.

I tried following but I can’t remember how I set things up initially. I can’t find certbot anywhere (and I can’t seem able to download it either) and I don’t have /etc/letsencrypt or /var/lib/letsencrypt. In short I don’t appear to have used either of the two options initially.

I am therefore not sure how to proceed.