Remote access via DuckDNS - can it be done without port 80?

Hello all, I have setup DuckDNS on my Home Assistant Supervisor Docker configuration and i am able to reach my HA remotely via http. However not with https.
I understand that the current DuckDNS implementation is handling all LetsEncrypt traffic with regards to getting and renewing the certificates.
But reading the docs it uses port 80 to accomplish this. And here is my problem. I have in my network also a Synology NAS which uses port 80.
As what my router concerns, i have setup port forwarding for port 8123 to 8123, that’s why i can reach my HA on RPi4 via http. So, the DNS part is OK, also is the port forwarding on the router.

I have looked into my Synology, but using an other port for port 80 would be rather complicated… The Synology uses this port internally and besides i have a webserver running on it which uses port 80.

HAs any one an idea how to go further with this? I found some examples using Nginx as a proxy server, but these descriptions are already rather old, i guess from before the LetsEncrypt handling was incorporated in the DuckDNS addon.
Kind regards, Bert


DuckDNS supports DNS-01 verification for LE, so all you need to do is use a client that supports that. If you’re using Docker for instance, there’s a linuxserver container for that, which has extensive docs.

I use DNS-01 with my own domain, no port forwarding for that required :wink:

Hi Tinkerer, Thank you for your reaction. I started reading the docs and this solution works with DuckDNS.
But i am not that familiar with the subject, so i have to look how to add this to my docker stack. I am using the docker solution described in Which has been working great so far with lots of added tools. I’l have to study this, or maybe there are solutions without docker…

The way I see it up the duckdns only link to my ip and then I add the port after, so I have and my router port forwards 8123.
My router on the other hand uses port 80 so in some way I have a similar setup except I can’t unexpose my router