Remote access via Nabu Casa

Hello all

I would have a very unusual question.

I am paying for Nabu Casa to have access to my home assistant installation and it works fine ( I still need to learn how to build a proper dashboard to use on my android phone)

Since home assistant is on a proxmox server, and on the same server I jellyfin running as a jail in the truenas vm)

I there a way to remotely access my jellyfin server via Nabu casa? or do i need to use the port forwarding option?

Thank you for your contribution

Have no idea what a Jellyfin server is - but if it is accessed via a web interface you could try an embedded webpage card:

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@zoogara Thank you very much Daryl for this suggestion. I will try it

Jellyfin is a media manager and delivery solution (like Emby or Plex)

Convoluted procedure but i think it could work

I am learning about using port forwarding or using tailscale

Again Thank you so much for your help

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As Daryl posted, there are possibilities to open a webinterface through a card or an add-on (Home Assistant Add-On: Firefox).

But I suppose you want to consume media and maybe access the server through an app?! Then you can’t use Nabu Casa as it only connects to your Home Assistant instance. There are a lot of ways (as you already mentioned) to access your server. I do that by using a reverse proxy.

I assume you’re aware of the Jellyfin integration? Or does that not give the kind of control of media/server you are looking for?

(Apologies if this is a dumb reply, as I don’t know anything about Jellyfin, but find what I take to be a broadly similar media integration in HA for Logitech Media Server gives me all I need in terms of remote access).

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Hello Florian

Thank you for the reply.

I did try the reverse proxy way back when. It would not work because of my ISP (EOLO).

At that time I did not have a dedicated IP address for my service. I did subscribe to one today and hopefully it will active later tonight.

I tried the using the webcard. In home assistant at home from any pc it works fine (although in this case it is of no use to me). I still need to configure it properly to be used on my android phone. not there yet.

I guess i need to resolve the web address in the webcard and to properly configure Jellyfin

Thank you once again for your time and help


Thank you

I was not aware of this integration. I will try it out

Thank you for the heads up