Remote Access via Static IP (NOT Cloud)

Until recently for the last couple of years I’ve been able to remotely access my Home Assistant (Raspberry Pi) via my external IP address which is static but just recently I can’t!
I have port 8123 forwarded still & none of my settings have changed.
I’ve rebooted both my Raspberry Pi & my Router.
Can anyone offer any suggestions
Please do not suggest using any CLOUD setups as I prefer not too

Check if your IP has changed…

Sometimes ISP’s change range, or sometimes your router restarts and re-initializes (can happen after a power outage for some minutes)

Assuming the IP hasn’t actually changed (I guess you “bought” a static IP from your ISP, here, and that they would have told you if it was to change), what are you using to access HA from internet, and what are the actual symptoms.

I.e., define “I can’t” :wink:

Yes I bought a static IP from my provider many years ago
I’ve checked and it hasn’t changed.
I input the address into either a web browser or the Android app when away from home
previously the app would connect fine and so would a web browser

Sorted it!
My stupid mistake somehow, port forward rule was set at 8124 instead of 8123, I really do not know how that got changed
Thanks folks