Remote access with home assistant cloud connection not maintained

I am confused about how Home Assistant Cloud is supposed to work for remote access

I have HassIO on a Raspberry Pi, a Nabu Casa account, a WIN 10 notebook that I use Firefox on when at home to access HomeAssistant and an Android modile phone that I want to use for remote access while I am away from home

the Android phone has the Home Assistant app installed and in the app setup I have entered the remote access URL and the WebHook for the mobile app as created by the Nabu Casa account and in the Firefox browser on the phone I have a bookmark for the remote access URL as created by the Nabu Casa account

before leaving home I check the Configuration / Home Assistant Cloud screen on the notebook and it shows the Cloud connection status is connected, and with this setup I expected that once I leave home the phone would update my location setting and I could use the app or the browser to connect remotely

however when I am out my location status is not updated, when I try to use the Home assistant app it cannot connect and suggests checking the setup details, and when I try to use the remote access url in the phone browser it does not conenct

if I then use the phone browser to access my Nabu Casa account and through that connect to the HassIO server the location then starts updating and I can remote access using the app on the phone or the remote access URL in the phone browser

is that step of logging into the Nabu Casa account on the phone correct or am I missing something in my setup?

thanks for any help

Have you enabled the remote connection in the cloud configuration panel?

thanks for the response

yes I have enabled the connection in the Home Assistant cloud configuration panel and as I said the Cloud connection status there is connected

on the Nabu Casa page you linked to it says “This URL will only be accessible when your local instance is connected to the remote UI server. By default Home Assistant will maintain a connection when remote connections are allowed.”

I am taking this to mean that Home Assistant will maintain the connection and I can use the remote access URL on my phone or other remote device whenever the Home Assistant cloud page says connected without having to log in to my Nabu Casa account first each time on the remote device

as I said the Home Assistant app on my mobile phone has the remote access URL set up in its configuration - that is what I thought was one of the cases the URL was meant to be used for

is this not how it is supposed to work? or does “local instance” here not mean my HassIO server but rather my phone or remote access device?

Yeah that’s what I would have expected too, from reading that explanation.

I don’t actually use Nabu Casa so will let others chime in with their experience.

thanks Tom, appreciate your help

must be something in my Hass or network setup, will keep investigating