Remote Access with two routers (ISP & Private) Port Forwarding


I am trying to setup remote access to HA so i can control and check devices and statuses when i am not home. I am following a YouTube video and is very clear on what i need to do. I have one question though. It says that i need to do some port forwarding.

In my case i have two routers. The one is an Arris provided by my ISP and a TP Link that i have some devices connected via WiFi and ethernet. I have no devices connected to the Arris (ISP Router) apart from the TP Link that “distributes the internet” in the whole house.

Based in this setup, in which device do i need to do the port forwarding ? ISP router, TP Link router or both ?

Thanks a lot

Both, you rorward the port from your ISP router to your TP link router and then from your TP link router to the machine running Home Assistamt (or the reverse proxy, don’t know your setup).

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ok thanks. so i will do the same config twice?

Yes, exactly.

thanks. i will give it a try

The best way to understand this is that both devices have a router built into them. The purpose of a router is to take things coming in from the Wide Area Network and send them to the appropriate device on the Local Area Network and the reverse back out.
In the case of your Arris, the WAN is the Internet and the LAN is simply feeding the information to your TP Link router. In the case of the TP Link router, the WAN is the feed from the Arris and the LAN is all your devices.
So, yes, you have to port-forward from the device to the TP Link router and also port-forward from the TP Link router to the Arris in order for the forwarding to get from your device all the way out to the Internet and back in in reverse.

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talked to my ISP and got some help fromthere as well.

  1. Port forward the IP Address of the TP-Link router via the ISP router
  2. Port forward the IP Address of HA on the TP-Link router
  3. DuckDNS setup
  4. Changed the External URL on the iOS app for home assistant

so far it looks that it works

thanks for the help

found this discussion and this is what I need (double port forwarding)

Can I clarify the ip and port

  1. ISP gateway to internal router - port 443 to 8123 (or 443 ??) to internal local_ip of the internal router, then
  2. internal router - port 443 to 8123 for local_ip of HA?

it is number 1 that I am not sure