Remote BLE Sensor (Inkbird IPS-P01

I have an Inkbird IPS-P01 temperature sensor (the bluetiooth one not the 433 Mhz version) which is located a long way away from my HA server.

I was hoping I could access it via a Tuya BLE Hub positioned close to the sensor but that doesn’t pick up the device.

How can I get the readings into HA as it will be too far to pick up with a bluetooth adapter on the HA server.

ESP-Home and ESP32 I guess would work

Hadn’t come across ESP Home before.
So this could either act as a bluetooth extender or somehow convert the bluetooth readings and send to HA over wifi? (This sensor isn’t listed but I see a very similar one and I suspect that is actually using the same hardware)

I haven’t used it myself but Bluetooth Proxy — ESPHome should be what you are looking for

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Got myself an ESP32 board and flashed it via ESP Home web tools (ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy).

Pretty painless and once flashed and it has WiFi credentials I just moved it close to the temp sensor, restarted HA and BLE devices were picked up straight away.

Did have one just disappear last night but not sure if that was down to it syncing to my phone so will keep an eye on it.