Remote control and roller blind

I would like to operate the roller blinds with a remote control. I have a remote control ZV9001K12-DIM-Z4
by Sunricher and works in Home assistant, however programming must when a button is pressed the roller continues to work when released it must stop. This also works in Home Assistant, but programming the remote control in this way diffecult to program.
Start with a trigger where you can choose keypressed, keyreleased or keyholddown there I made a trigger 1 or 2 based on the key input.

That it becomes blur in programming

You probably need another automation to send a stop when the button is released.

You aren’t showing everything but I would assume you have the blinds open on a button press; so it will get the open command and you are not sending a stop command, you are assuming that a lack of move command is the same as stop (which in some circumstances might be true).