Remote control buttons without showing on or off

I’ve successfully setup a dashboard full of remote controls for a Led strip. However I’ve set it up with switches per key. But if I first give a command to turn blue lights on and then the red lights. Both of them will display as on thanks to the state of the switch. For me it would be enough to ignore the state of the switch and just have it displayed as off all the time. Does anybody have any ideas how to work around this?

Maybe this is something for you?

There is an option with the switch widget which I believe is still undocumented. You can add the option momentary:

  widget_type: switch
  entity: switch.my_switch
  title: My Momentary Switch
  momentary: 300 # Time before return to the old state

The switch will now quickly blink for 300 ms and then return to the off state.

Perfect!!! Thanks for letting know. Works as how I would want it. Thanks