Remote control inside Home Assistant?


Just started testing out Home Assistant and I found the plugin which enables me to send commands with my Broadlink RM3 Mini. I have recorded the IR-codes for my Android TV box, which means I have the on/off button and all the directional buttons plus volume etc.
My thought was to make a remote control inside Home Assistant, but I have not found out how to do it?
I want to press power on Android TV inside home assistant, and then a popup appears where I have added the remote controls, like directional buttons, ok, return and volume.
Like this:
But inside Home Assistant.

How do I do this?


As I understand Home Assistant is not design for this and until someone comes with a component, there’s no easy way to do that using only HA. But, you can do that with the help of HA dashboards. Create the scripts which calls the service that send the IR codes on HA. Then create the dashboard which calls those scripts. I use something like this to control the cable tv box, and it look like this (this one is made to fit a iphone screen).

You can use floorplan to do it :slight_smile:

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someone is working on it