Remote Dashboard Display

I want to setup a screen in the kitchen with out gate IP camera and show one of my HA dashboards.

What is the best way to achieve this, I have a dedicated raspberry pie and an HDMI screen that I will mount.

But I need some sort of software to run on the pie, I would assume one just shows the dashboard on chrome via a webpage. Or is there some embedded way to do this on HA?

I would like the ability to turn the screen off at night and put pie into sleep mode, and wake it up again in the morning (controlling this from my HA server)

Keen to hear how other people have done similar things…

I don’t know about the sleep mode, as my screen runs 24/7 at a place, where always someone is at work, but I’ve got, what I needed with this:

and a dedicated dashboard in HA.

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RPi with HDMI displays are OK, but you’re probably better off with a cheap Android tablet or old iPad.

Tablets will have a touch interface, low power, HASS mobile app, and ability to sleep.