Remote Home-Assistant 3.5 problem with OpenWRT integration

I have two instances of Home Assistant both on RPi4/HassOS and connected with Remote Home-Assistant. The master instance is on my local network which has an OpenWRT router.

I’ve just installed the OpenWRT (luci) device tracker on the master (local) instance.

Device tracker entities have been created for all devices on the local network, but with the geo-location of the remote instance instead of the geo-location of the local network.

I know I can override the geo-location attributes of these entities, but any new devices that appear on the local network will still be created with the geo-location of the remote network so that won’t solve the problem.

Does anyone else have this problem or can suggest a solution?


I’ve just found a workaround to this which is to exclude the remote zone.home entity when configuring the Remote Home-Assistant integration.

Device tracker entities are now created with the correct geo-location attributes