Remote learn command stuck with Broadlink RM MINI 3

Hi guys, new to Home Assistant and trying to configure my Broadlink RM Mini 3. ive put my host ip address and mac address into configuration.yaml but in Developer Tools - Services im struggling with the code for Remote: Learn Command. ive tried guides to enter code but i cant call service. Im running Home Assistant OS 5.13 on Core version core-2021.5.5. All on a raspberry pi 4.
Please, i need help. Thanks in advance

There should be an “enter example data” option in Developer Tools. If you use that you can edit it to fit your own setup.

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OK thanks alot for that. i now get the Call Service button but my mini 3 wont light up to recieve my remote commands

I think the guide i used was for an older version of Home Assistant

I just keep getting this message when trying to Call Service. - 'Failed to call service remote.learn_command. extra keys not allowed @ data[‘sequence’][0][‘command’]. Got ‘power’ extra keys not allowed @ data[‘sequence’][0][‘device’]. Got ‘television’

As you didn’t provide any links on which tutorial did you follow and no real setup details it’s quite hard to offer you help.
Maybe it would help if you just delete the current setup and re-add the RM mini in Settings->Integrations->Broadlink by adding it’s IP address?

Absolutely. Delete all references to Broadlink in your configuration.yaml, install the integration and teach the Broadlink using Developer Tools - don’t use configuration.yaml as the docs seem to suggest.

In Developer Tools use the Pick Entity button to select the Broadlink you want to use, then click on GO TO YAML MODE and FILL EXAMPLE DATA. You can then edit the example data to suit your setup.

Hi guys, thanks for your help. i have deleted all reference to broadlink in the configuration.yaml, and i think i have the correct settings for learning the codes because im not getting an error now and i get the notification a code has been recieved. but after learning the codes from my remote for my stereo i cant find the .storage folder where my codes should be. Any ideas?

It’s a hidden folder in the config folder.

I’m sure there are a number of ways of getting at it. I have the Samba Share add-on installed in HA, which lets me access files across the network using an Android tablet (I use CX File Explorer which has an option to show hidden files).

PS. You won’t find any reference to your stereo in HA - you just use the remote.send_command service.

ive tried to install samba share but i get the message failed to start addon - configuration validation failed

ive sorted the samba share problem

I pretty much used the configuration given in the docs.