Remote link to Razberry (Z-Way)

Hi there.

I’m currently running a mix of Z-Wave and other automation protocols and it’s driving me nuts. I’ve considered Home Assistant for a long time but the one thing I cannot figure out how to resolve is integration with the Z-Wave controller (Razberry on a Raspberry PI 3).

I assume that in order to interface with the Razberry board directly Home Assistant would have to run on the same Raspberry Pi. This is something I would really like to avoid both due to the hardware limitations of the platform and the reliability issues. I intend to run Home assistant in a VM or docker container.

The Z-wave controller is managed by the default Z-Way appliance which does expose a fully featured API for device control but I haven’t found any integrations with Home Assistant. I’ve written a fully featured Android app that uses the API but I would rather not write a Home Assistant plugin from scratch.

Is there any option I havent thought of that would let me integrate with the Razberry controller without having Home Assistant installed on the same hardware platform?


Seems like an old ‘effort & time vs $’ to me. Personally, I’d just buy a $60 zstick and be done with it.

Now if your Razberry controller can talk to MQTT, you could build HA with an MQTT broker and have all the status changes go to HA that way. It could be very easy depending on your MQTT options on the Razberry.

Now that I thought about it a bit, I’d investigate the MQTT route before buying the zstick.