Remote login to OS

Hi All,

Long time user of HA here but only a first time poster on this forum. I setup a very simple installation about 4 years to control my garage door when I lost my house keys and slowly added a couple lights around the house to the system. That’s about the extent of my needs for the moment so I’ve only updated the system intermittently over the years. Most recently, it was installed it was (I think) re-installed (when the system stopped working) using the Hass OS/ image that does it all itself on boot and then I adapted the backup code to the newer version I now have on a RPI3. If I have used some wrong/old terminology, I am happy to look into it and answer any questions.

What I’m curious about now is - how does the OS installation work exactly? I think is installed as some sort of a docker container on its own OS(?) and the home assistant part can be accessed through SSH/putty. Does this setup still have a frontend desktop environment that can be enabled/accessed like a traditional linux installation before these quick setup methods came into action a few years ago? I’m looking to double the PI as a linux desktop to remotely log into and work through my home network while outside the house while maintaining the HA setup that I’ve got going on.

I have tried to understand the setup but have come up empty handed. If there is any documentation that’s already created, please let me know where I can find it or if you have any instructions/information for me, would love to get some help here.

Correct Home Assistant OS is installed in it’s own docker container running a Buildroot OS.


Then you want to run one of the other installation methods like HA Core, Supervised or Container.


The community guides section of this forum also has some information on running installations that only have community support rather than official suppot (Like Supervised on Raspbian).