Remote Node-red Instance?

Is it possible to integrate with a second (in addition to hassio add-on) instance of Node-red running on a separate rPi?

If so any pointers or links would be much appreciated. I’ve searched and come up empty.

Sure. Just set up another node red instance, setup another token in HA and connect node red to it.

Node red connects to the HA websocket API, and has no tie in inside HA.

You don’t even need the hassIO addon. I have another Pi running raspbian and NodeRED and use a mixture of the websocket node and MQTT to send data between node-red and HA.

I was able to get this working (had to enable " Accept Unauthorized SSL Certificates") but wondering if there’s any way to have it auto populate the information and entity id’s like the hassio add-on does.

The add-on isn’t doing anything special. It’s just running the same node red you install yourself along with the same node red home assistant websocket node palette.

Node red actually has nothing to do with home assistant. It was a project that has existed for years outside of home assistant altogether. It’s just node red.

I understand, however, in my separate instance, the entities don’t auto populate, which makes things quite a bit easier and is a nice feature.

Which node palette are you using? Make sure it is the WEBSOCKET version of the home assistant nodes.

Sometimes I have an issue with this on my Node-Red container. If I make some changes in HA and they don’t show up in Node-Red a restart of Node-Red usually fixes it. Other times I simply type it in manually, and it starts working after that - not sure what the magic trick is.


I definitely have the websocket version installed.

Make sure you’ve restarted home assistant and your node red instance. There’s nothing special to do to make it work. It just works.

I have it working, thanks for all the help.

Hello all!
I am new to HA and I need some help.
I have RPi1 setup with NodeRED to open and close my garage doors. Now I would like to add these controls to RPi2 where I have installed Home Assistant.
Anyone can help me understand step by step how to add remote Node-RED under HA? I was reading earlier posts here but I didn’t understand where to start from.

nice topic bump @Emirlm :smiley:

Install the beforementioned (node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket) plugin into node red and the rest will go pretty much on it’s own, when installed correctly you’ll get a new set of nodes available in NR for you to work with.