Remote operated circuit breakers controlled from home automation

Hello, I’m new to HA, my first post here. This all looks very interesting, thanks for everyone’s opensource efforts!

Has anyone used remote breakers in your system? They are commonly used in commercial or public buildings for lighting control.

I have a 20a circuit that runs the microwave, washer and gas stove which have a combined vampire load of 12-15watts, so I want to switch that all off when not in use. Goal is saving energy, and getting set up with some of the fun toys here. I also have a DTE energy bridge which I’m watching the data through MQTT, good fun.

The plan is to use a 20a remote operated circuit breaker, in the main panel, like these:
With an ESP32 and relay board to run the breaker solenoids. There is a solenoid each to open, and to close the contact in the breaker, so that will take two relays to pass on the 24v ac.

Up in the main kitchen / family room space, I’ll have a RPi just with a button for now to turn on / off. Future ideas are to set up a central display and add other components to be controlled & monitored. The ESP32 at the main break panel would later monitor power at the panel or some circuits. Another remote breaker could disable the well pump if flooding / moisture is detected.

Some specific questions:
With 24v ac and a relay board, I don’t think I should need a flyback diode between the relay and the breaker solenoid. Am I right? If it was a lighter sort of switch instead of a relay, and if DC was used to run the breaker solenoid, then a diode would be required. as described here:

Any other things to watch out for?

Thanks ! Dale