Remote power switch that changes ID every time I restart Homeassistant

Hi, I am new to HomaAssistant and trying to configure 4 NEXA remote power switches. When I push the button (1-4 + group) on the remote control that comes with the switches, they appear in HomeAssistant as:

  • switch.0710010041010170 (button 1)
  • switch.0710010141020170 (button 2)
  • switch.0710010241030170 (button 3)
  • switch.0710010341040170 (button 4)
  • switch.0710010041100670 (button group)

If i restart HomeAssistant the switches shows up with a different ID :cry:

How can I use them if they change ID all the time?

Got another set of remote controlled switches ( Link ) also these changes entity-id almost every time I restart HomeAssistant. :sob:

Is there any way to lock the entity-id? Or any other way to fix the problem?

Got the same problem. Also looking for an answer