Remote Raspberry Pi as sensor gateway new home construction + wired sensors (motion/door/glass break etc...)+ HASS

I have Home Assistant running on a server like a charm
I am trying to achieve the following:
1- New home construction
2- Whole home wired for built in sensors of a ll types ( motion/door/glass break etc…) all wired to a central location
3-using Raspberry Pi ( one or as many as needed) at the central location to interface with the sensors via GPIO
4- finally home assistant running on an independent machine in a VM as the controller getting data from the Raspberry Pi(s) with variable automations.

Medium level of knowledge with coding
Medium to advance level/skills with hardware.

Thank you in advance t this awesome community…

P.S. I do not want to use Konnected or esphome

Z-Wave or Zigbee local mesh networks are designed to remove the need for wired sensors in smart homes. They are local networks unconnected with the Internet.

thank you
i actually have this in my current house.
I would rather have the sensors hard wired though to a RPI that is in turn hardwired to my network via ethernet, and communicating with my HASS instance over TCP.


I use an ADT security board and setup the home in 16 wired zones and two motion zones. Then added an EVL4 IP terminal (emulates a keypad tonthe security system)

The Envisalilink EVL3/4 are natively supported in core (about 20 lines of YAML to setup)

Why this.

Yes wireless sensors are all the rage but if I can I prefer wired sensors.
I want the best (self monitored) purpose built security system i could put together myself at the time.
This system needs to operate as a security system REGARDLESS if my internet or HA are down.
If I sell the home I dont have to explain a ‘professional quality alarm’ where random ZWave sensors and a hacked together alarm would get one looked at funny around here.

This accomplishes the goal AND allows full control of the system tbrough HA, and also contributes all of my wired /wireless security sensors into HA.

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Thank you Nathan
Which ADT board are you using?

My apologies i misspoke for some reason ADT came out when I was thinking DSC :wink:

Either way, most DSC PowerSeries panels and Honeywell Vista panels work just fine.

Mines a DSC PowerSeries 1832