Remote SSH access from terminal (not web browser)

An AMD Ubuntu Server was setup remotely and “dockered” with HA. Because the OS is Ubuntu, the WAN port 22 is forwarded to the Ubuntu box so I can tunnel into the network from the command line: this enables a web browser to tunnel and access devices on the remote LAN.

A raspberry pi 3b+ will replace e the AMD Ubuntu Server. The rPi 3B+ is outfitted with a SSD: HA Operating System. To maintain SSH tunneling, I need to open up port 22 of the rPi HA OS: by default the connection is refused. I thought that this procedure would open port 22:

However, the procedure does not open port 22 for WAN access. I understand that there is risk, however, I need to able to tunnel in to the LAN.

Is there a similar weblink procedure that opens port 22 for access to the SSH server?

Update: rPi HA OS seems to be a busysbox distro, which does not include SSH functionality. This article indicates that dropbear adds SSH server capability linux - How to enable SSH on BusyBox without recompiling BusyBox? - Stack Overflow

Can anyone confirm? Confirm with experience adding dropbear?