Remote system monitoring

Does anyone have remote system monitoring setup? Looking for CPU temp/load, HDD temp (maybe), Disk space.

I have the system monitor for my Pi but want to also monitor my other server (Zoneminder, Fileserver) in HASS.

I’m not sure how to get the output from lm-sensors over to HASS. I also came across Webmin in my searches ( Anyone heard of it or use it?

Would Glances work for you?


Ah, I looked at Glances before but did not see the temp sensor. I see it now though so it should work. I have my server in a not-so-ideal place so I am worried about heat build-up.

Thanks once again @rpitera!

Awesome; glad I could help!

I have Glances running and ported into Hass per but I have not figured out how to get the temperatures in. I have been searching and digging through Glances docs & github but no luck with that or just trying to guess at the sensor name.


I personnaly use EzServerMonitor in script mode. But it also exist in web mode.
It allow me to get the result locally, by email or in a cloud.
It also allow to get the result (from the text log file) to trigger it.

Have a nice day.

Miguipda :wink:

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hi @miguipda, have you some example of your exservermonitor work?
I want to monitor an other single board pc to my ha raspberry installation and your solution is very interest.