Remote Technologies RTI XP3 with several PCM-4

So I love home assistant and recently purchased a new home with a TON of old automation which works fine, but is impossible for me to modify unless I hire a “dealer” to do “programming” for which I am more than qualified if it were in HA.

So I’m thinking - wouldn’t it be nice to discover the RTI equipment, and then control it via home assistant? I see the equipment on my LAN. However I am not aware of any project or API to control it. Does anyone have any insight into which way to head?

Is this even possible? Has anyone done it? Am I the only one that has an interest? It seems like a tremendous waste to start over rather than just control what’s already there… using HA.

As a dealer I’m thinking… no not really :slight_smile: As a sys engineer and tinkerer yeah maybe… but there is no API for these types of systems. There’s no ports that are sitting just listening for random queries or for accepting random input. Everything is very specific and purpose driven and put there by someone for a specific use. There’s nothing “generic” to an RTI processor like commodity DIY hubs that have a pre-canned set of “stuff” running and things provided out of the box.

How about the reverse… using the RTI system to control Home Assistant :slight_smile: yeah that’s possible.

You may want to look around, find a local dealer or maybe one interested in doing remote programming for you.

Hey! Thanks for reply! Thing is - I know the RTI XP3 has an IP address. and I know events are fired from my “iPad” to the “RTI” XP3 (aka server). So it’s possible!

RTI sells “client” licenses for iPads and iPhones right? I’d gladly pay for a license to an API or a “home assistant” device. I might even get stubborn and reverse engineer the client/server protocol at work over TCP/IP.

I hate waste… I hate e-waste even more… but I don’t want a closed system I can’t control or monitor.

The RTI gear seems solid . and nice… but the idea that my iPhone is allowed to turn on the lights… and I can’t somehow do it from a few lines of code is sad.

I don’t want to keep extending my RTI system because it’s so closed… but I don’t want to throw away all the great work that’s been done to date on it. It’s doing a good job controlling existing assets… especially the older gear I’m in no hurry to replace.

Yes there’s an IP address.
Yes RTI Panel which connects to the processor can load the interface it’s linked to and control devices.
No there’s no API license.

The client that you load on your iPhone or iPad was created and stored on the processor and is specific to that processor so there’s nothing generic. The app you load on your phone doesn’t have some generic interface that everyone gets. The generic interface is the controller configuration information and everything else is loaded from the processor and was created specifically for that processor. Someone spent time building that interface you’re using.

Good luck with it. Like I said you could find someone to do the programming for you or sell them your gear or ebay it. It’s up to you. RTI isn’t going to open things up.

I used to have a lot of old RTI stuff. I was lucky I knew a dealer who sorted mine for me. If you can get someone to program the xp3 and remote for you there is now an RTI mqtt add-on. I also was successfully using the two way http driver with ha.
Actually I think only the xp6 and up can take drivers. IIRC.
To get a licence your need a dealer to program your gear
The integration designer software is what you need but its only available to dealers and they are very strict


@Holdestmade Do you have a link for the RTI mqtt addon?

Its in the RTI forum, only accessable to dealers.

Time limited trial for 60 mins, then it will disable.
Cost is $70 USD.

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Thanks. I used to be a dealer, and still have access to the software, but not the forums anymore. Looks like I’ll be looking for another way to integrate it.

Have you got the 2-way strings driver ? That works with HA with a bit of work

Yeah, I’m working on trying to get that to work now.

Is this something I can help with? I have RTI software - how do I know if I have 2-way strings?

Check the drivers of the processor. It will be listed under there.

I’m trying to get one of these to work with it, but haven’t been able to the scripts to run yet.

Well, that was exciting for a second! Not installed, so tried to install - but the version (2.6) is too new for my RTI software. I inherited the software from previous dealer who left an install on-site… so I have no way of upgrading to get the strings to work. (I don’t want to bother dealer / waste their time asking for free upgrades - as I don’t want to invest further into RTI - just want to integrate what’s there).

Hi Dornquast.

Just been reading your notes. I’m just wondering if you ever managed to get this to work with the XP3. I have access to firmware if you require this to help further upgrade. It’s always good to help find a way to integrate these.

I hope to hear your reply.

Thanks Lightroom 47

There is a driver called HTTP Commander that listens for requests on port 50701. Here is how I am communicating between RTI and HA.

First, I have NodeRed set up so that I can send HTTP requests without authentication. Then I have NodeRed send a request to trigger an event in RTI. I then get feedback from HA to RTI by setting flags and sending requests to set the flags. So for instance, I have a switch on my T2x that turns on a light. My XP processor sends an HTTP request to NodeRed to turn on the light. Then HA sees that the light state is on and triggers an HTTP request to my XP3 that sets a flag telling my controller that the flag is on. Same in reverse when the light is off. It works great so far but the only issue is I haven’t been able to figure out how to get values like volume levels or light levels.

DM me for the driver