Remote temperature sensor


I was wondering if anyone has ever set up something like this. What I would like to have is an remote temperature sensor that logs the temperature and maybe even humidity. Then when an internet connection is available (like me turning on my hotspot), upload this data (current and historic) to HA.

I have an ESP8266 and some ds18b20 laying around, but I do not have an idea how to send the historic data to HA when internet is available.

Any idea’s would be helpful.


Can’t be done. You can only send real-time sensor data, not data that was in the past.

It could be possible.
There are ESP chip versions that come with pseudo static ram.

The question is really what your situation is.
If the remote device can be on a constant power source, then the amount of ram to store the data is the real limit.
If it is battery powered, then pseudo static ram will eat more battery and a regular check on internet connection will really drain, so you will have to really add some battery cells to it, like a really big power bank or an UPS battery.

I am not sure if ESPhome can store data like this in its current version, but it is definately possible if you program it yourself.

It is certainly possible on the esp side, getting the historic data in HA is the problem.

No it really couldn’t. That’s not how home assistant works.

I only thought of the ESP side of the problem.
Completely forgot to think HA into the equation. :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the reply. Yeah the main issue would be HA. But as you say it does not seems te be possible. So I think I will go for live updates when the device has internet acces…