Remote Windows Process Monitor?

Does anyone know of a program that runs on Windows that sends the current foreground process to home assistant (not on the same machine). Glances does not look like it sends this info, but I haven’t tried. I want to know what app/game the kids are playing, I have steam and other integrations working. But they do not capture all the things the kids play.

Glances captures a ton of data but i think your right, it doesnt tell you the names of the processes just the resouces used. It may be still worth checking the Glances Docs because there is a “default” and then you can also customize it to capture data that isnt included in the “default” install.

Actually. Looking at it again, mine does show the name of each process running. It shows it in glances but the default HA sensors dont include a breakdown of which process is running. Im not sure if you can create a text sensor or similar to show the names or not. You might ask the Glances author though.

HASS Agent can access the entire WMI namespace - so if you can pull it from WMI you can make a sensor out of it.

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Thanks. I’ll give it a try!

I didnt even know that was a thing but, i dont use windows on any devices either. Looks like its similar to Glances?

I have no idea what glances is. Soooo maybe? (25yr Microsoft architect)

Thanks for the tip about Hass. Agent. I assume this is what you mean, I never heard of it before (

Looks like glances /all/ endpoint exposes the process list, but the glances integration does not show the processes. I can probably edit the integration to loop over all the processes and display the highest couple CPU use. Should not be too hard. But I will charge Hass.Agent first!

edit: This hass.agent is cool. Could even make it take a screenshot of computer and make a camera…So cool, I’m going have fun with this!

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It allows you to track pc resources and other data points of remote machines and then view them in a terminal or browser or you can import it into something like influxDB. Theres a HA integration for it to easily track cpu load, HD space, track temps, etc.

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Rgr - I suspected remote performance data - Windows world it’s Perfmon and it’s in the servicing subsystem - you access it through WMI. You can get there through that pipeline. Thx for the read!