Remote.yaml: Some commands stop working until reboot

I use GlobalCache iTachs (IP2IR) to send IR commands to some devices that I’ve added to remote.yaml.

95% of the time the system works flawlessly; but sometimes (maybe once every month or two), HA just stops sending some commands. It often won’t even be a whole device that stops working, just some of the commands for it, while other commands for that device still work.

No errors are reported, there’s nothing in the logs; the IR commands are just not sent.

The only fix I’ve found is a full reboot of the HA system (a HA restart doesn’t fix it).

This has been happening since I first started using the setup (around HA 2023.11), running HassOS on an Intel NUC.

Has anyone else run into this, or have any suggestions?



The integration has been unreliable for a lot longer than that. I posted an issue in 2018 that was never addressed. So I stopped using it. Got rid of IR control altogether.

There are some work-arounds later on in that issue.

Well that’s… unfortunate.

Thanks for the info!

Since my system seems to remain stable for at least a couple weeks after each reboot, I’m going to try the old weekly scheduled reboot solution and see if that suppresses it.

Well, that plan didn’t work at all; as others reported, some itach device/commands don’t work after a reboot, so sometimes the scheduled reboot would break more things than it fixed.

So I’ve ditched the iTach integration and moved all IP2IR devices over to being Telnet Switches, which (at least so far) has been working flawlessly.

The only downside is that switches only allow two commands each (on and off), so for some devices I had to add multiple switches to control all the functions. Not a big deal, as I just wrapped them up in a template device that references the various Telnet switches.