Remote Z Wave Controller, Pi install, other options?

I’m new here and moving over from SmartThings. I currently have HA and SmartThings integrated and I’m in the process of moving my rules over to HA. I have an unraid server that I’m currently running HA in docker.

My problem is I have a single story 2000+ sq ft house and all of my network gear and equipment is in the closet in my office on one side of the home. I constantly deal with Z Wave devices on the far end of the house being slow and falling off of the network with SmartThings. I really need to get my z wave controller centrally located in my home. However I have to keep things “hidden” for the wife approval factor hence why my noisy server rack was banished to a closet at the far end of the house.

I’ve searched for the last hour and haven’t found any real solutions for a remote mounted controller (like the Z-Net for Homeseer). Is there anything else I’m missing?

For those of you running off of a Raspberry, am I really going to notice a difference in performance vs. running on unraid? I figure if I go the Pi4 route I would POE power is with my Ubiquiti equipment and easily centrally locate it in my home.

My HA lives in a container on a server, but the Z-Wave controller is plugged into a RPi3 that is centrally-located.

I was able to run a network cable and power cable into that wall, and placed the outlets for both overhead on a central wall, so no dangling cords and no noise. A solid half-day project to do correctly.

The RPi runs a Linux USBIP (USB over IP) service, the server runs a USBIP client. The connection is rock solid (uptime 4 months and counting), The Z-Wave devices are also much more reliable since they have a stronger connection to the controller.

Have you looked at: