Remote z-wave with PI

I am trying to setup a remote zwave hub since my home assistant is installed in a VMware EXSI vm and I don’t want the usb since when updates go, I have to shut down Home Assistant, but I have a backup host and need to be able to move the vm back and forth without shutting down, I got the ZigBee bridge to work not the zwave

I tried ser2net but can’t finger out how to setup right in vmware or home assinstat.

This may be a dumb question, but why not run homeassistant on the pi itself with the z-wave controller attached to its USB?

PI not powerful enough for my setup

For your homeassistant setup?
I’m curious which pi you have. I have ran it on a pi3, pi4 and an odroid xu4, all work fine, so I’m guessing a pretty old pi?

I have tried all devices non can handle it just stops working. or is very slow to response with the vm i can increase the vm as needed.

Install OZWDaemon on the Pi and make it talk to the MQTT broker in Home Assistant.
I wrote a detailed guide on how I did exactly that here on my repo.

Yup, I’m doing exactly that with ha running on a vm and the zwave stick on a remote rpi (difference is using kubernetes to orchestrate running the components), I put some instructions on RPi as Z-Wave/ZigBee-over-IP server for Hass

In short I’m using socat (similar behavior to ser2net), and on the vm socat creates a dev device that hass can use as the zwave.

Until gets merged/accepted, I made a clone to the offical Zwave-JS addon and allowed tcp over serial.


you can add the addon repository here: