Remote Zigbee gateway from RP

Is it possible to use a 3.0 Zigbee Bridge away from the hardware (Raspberry Pi) where I have HA installed and use it with ZHA?

My scenario is the next:

I have a HA installed in a RP4 controlling 3 different and remote houses in 3 different LANs.

I have several Zigbee sensors in each house with a Sonofff ZBBridge in each house connected through ewelink with Sonoff LAN to HA (cloud mode).

My question is if I could change the Sonoff ZBBridges with a Bridge directly connected to HA like the Combee II or Sonoff ZB Zigbee 3,0 USB. I know it can be done connecting it directly to a RP4 USB port. The problem is that I only have one RP4 controlling the 3 houses. Can I connect the bridges to HA in any way if they are remote? Or this could only be done for the house where the RP4 is phisically?

I’d like to change my actual configuration because the actual setting has a lot of disconnections an I have to make frequent repairing through ewelink app.

Hi Miguel,
I’m facing a similar situation, as I want to connect some zigbee devices from my remote parents home to my ha. Homeassistant and MQTTS are reachable over the internet, so I plan to just use a tasmota flashed sonoff zigbee bridge pro and connect it to my ha. Did you manage to connect a remote zigbee bridge?
Would be nice, if you could let me know, how you achieved this!

Hello matthiss,

I couldn’t do it, and I gave up.

Now I have two HAs, one in a NUC controlling two houses and another one in the RP4 controlling the third house. I have two Sonoff ZBBridges in the first two houses and a Ewelink usb Zigbee Gateway connected to the RPi4.

I connect both HAs with Remote Home Assistant integration.