Remotec ZXT-120 AC controller issues

I should confess to being very new to Hass upfront. However I used to be a BMS technician so I’m not completely clueless with automation.

I’m going crazy trying to set up a Remotec ZXT-120 stat on my Rpi setup. I can’t get it to take my remote settings so it can control my AC unit. I have an Aeotec Zenstick Gen 5 in my Pi.

I can see the sensor fine on the network, I can see the Node on the Z-Wave network management configurator, I can enter IR code 27 to config it for my brand of AC unit, but it then asks for a number between 4294934528 and 32767. The codes for my brand, and any other brand, are only 2 or 3 digit numbers. So when I enter and try to send these codes it doesn’t work.

Anyone have any ideas?

Anyone got experience with this?

Just ignore the “number between” suggestion.
It will take 2 and 3 digit numbers in the Config 27.

The issue I have is repeated timeouts. Even doing the Config the Z-WAVE times out.

Sometimes it works, I can see the Z-Stick LED flash to indicate Z-Wave network activity, but the times it times out, there is no z-wave activity and no indication from the Z-Stick.

This appears to have been ongoing for a couple of years and appears to be an issue with OpenZWave. there are a couple of work arounds, but none clean enough to actually merge with the production code.

Not much help I know, but if you keep looking you may find more information to help.

Hi, I have the same question. Ever found an answer?

This thread got me worried as I just bought this device. However with JS-Zwave I managed to add it without problem, and it was dead easy to add the correct code in the code 27 field. It just worked (to my surprise)