Removal of Mazda Connected Services integration

I also find this an absurdity and have reported it to a well-known German electronics blog. Perhaps the topic gets thereby again somewhat more range and the pressure on the responsible persons with Mazda increases.


I noticed a potential licensing issue when it comes to relying only on an external package source host like pypi.

If home-assistant receives a GPL source code request(for example due to many of the libraries in the home-assistant docker images being GPL licensed) wouldn’t the source code to all library dependencies(including the source for historical dependencies like pymazda) need to be provided for 3 years(due to the combined home-assistant application effectively falling under GPL requirements) from the date of distribution of the docker image?

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I wouldn’t be surprised if this company would not be the reason of this whole issue:

It must be hurtful if somebody uses a service in a way that it can be efficient and useful and mostly for FREE as it is open-source.

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Could this be a workaround for individual owners? :thinking:

That 300 API calls per month gives you total 10 calls per day in average. Just think how often do you check your fuel or battery level per day.

300 per DAY would give you an update every 5 minutes in average.

If you are intending to use the API as a device tracker, your update rate would be around 1 call per minute to have an accurate track of the device.

I use a custom component for the Hyundai I have and it only calls a few times a day (30 mins to the server and 240 mins to the car I think) and only from 06:00 to 21:00. Can’t really use it as a device_tracker but great for keeping an eye on fuel and battery level and mileage. If you call it too much, the battery in car goes flat and I’m sure Hyundai would get fed up of all the API calls. Not sure if that’s the same with Mazdas ?

I think someone requested an integration for that a while back

I think it must have started with complains from Mazda users their service was not available many times.
They did probably an investigation and found that not only their apps are using it, but others as well. Instead of fixing the performance issue they blocked other access.

I guess its typical for companies that do not care for their consumers. I wanted a Mazda 6 at some point, but I stick to Toyota for now :slight_smile:


I tend to think you are correct.

This is just a rip-off - Even the paid tier only has 600 calls per month and it doesn’t look like it covers all the features of the taken-down Mazda integration.

So, if I wanted to make use of your restoring the integration thing - Do I just download the code and place it in my custom components folder in it’s won directory?

Edit: Looks like I can’t download.

I think it’s commercially based.

I would definitely be interested in that if it was possible.

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I read somewhere it’s legal/light gray area to reverse engineer to exploit services, but illegal to share with others. So everyone would need to reverse engineer the applications independently.

Think from Mazdas perspective, if you F up your code and cause bodily harm or vehicle damage, who gets the bad rep from that? Definitely not the user, It’s going to be headlines that Mazda allowed dangerous code manipulation with no safeguards or efforts to block diy users. Also, why would they want to allow diy clones that bypass their services? Car manufacturers don’t mess around with liability.

Where in history a Prohibition was a solution? If they want to stay by their responsibility and offer a modern, connected car, they would offer a usable API.

This is not about liability. It’s about money, control and the old way of company thinking.

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What are you referring to? What to by pass?

Yes, it’s available still(other places)

Download the package here and change the file extension to .zip. It may not be up for long though.

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See my comment above.

So, as Mazda has not replied to any of my emails, and as I can see to not even to other entities either, I looked at their press release site to see if they have communicated something officially and publicly. They did not, regarding this subject…


There was a data leak on the 24th of July, 2023, from Mazda servers, which was published mid September in form of an apology:

And the text suggests that after the incident they started to go after any unauthorised access to any Mazda servers.

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Thank you Mazda for being direct with your request.

Today I saw one of your cars and thought “nice car”. Now I know I will not get one (I had plans to change) because you are not to be trusted and I know that you will make the life of people who wanted to use your services difficult.

Honestly, I wonder who in your PR dept was in the loop of the request.

I am happy to inform you that this is in the news in France! :slightly_smiling_face: