Remove buttons from the left menu

Please make it possible to turn off the buttons from the left menu on all accounts at once. Since I remove the buttons for one phone, but they still appear. Especially I don’t need a media browser button.

This is probably one of those things that takes far longer to code than the time ever saved by doing it manually.

Don’t forget to vote for your own request though.

Sorry, is this really the consideration? time to code vs time by doing things manually…? I am in shock. I thought it was about createing a product that is easy and nice to use…

I don’t know, but it’s definitely on my list of things to consider when I’m coding for myself.
But I suppose you need to ask the developers here.

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I have a big family, I have children and older generations. Unfortunately, I have to take their smartphones and customize the menus so that they don’t click where they don’t need to. It’s not very confidential to touch other people’s smartphones.

Get ready for another shock: very few Feature Requests get implemented.

Actually, it is one of the considerations. Feature Requests are typically fulfilled by volunteers. If the request is uninteresting to them, or there’s already a way to do it, they’re less likely to get involved.

It’s more like creating whatever interests the volunteer.

This might be some sort of a solution: I noticed it doesn’t work well, but it is a start. Maybe some volunteers are able to get it fixed.