Remove Devices From Alexa

I fear this is impossible. But I try to ask anyway:
How to remove all my Homeassistant entries from Alexa.

I added them unfitted at first, but there are far too many. Some automation names are blocking devices with equal names, and so on.

I want to start fresh:
Remove ALL Homeassistnat-related entities. And then re-link it.

After disabling the integration, the devices remain.
Now what? Delete one after another?

It used to work apparently on

But dickheads at Amazon decided to worsen customer experience even more by forcing the shitty app and disabling a normal web interface.

Please tell me I have to delete my account or remove 300 devices by hand.

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AFAIK, since they shut down the browser portal, you have to manually delete them one-by-one via the Alexa app… I guess they figure if they make it inconvenient enough, people won’t remove devices and Amazon can keep amassing data…

I totally agree.

I’m pretty sure that removing them by hand is the only option.

But even with the web UI you still had to remove them by hand. But it was just way easier because it was only one click on each one in the list to remove it.

Now you need to open each item individually and dig into the settings to delete it in there.

Super frustrating.

And what’s worse is that the data they are amassing likely is totally useless to them if the devices themselves no longer exist.


It’s not technically useless to them, because they use it to inflate their claims about the number of user-specific data points they tell their data clients are available for purchase… it’s not fraud, it’s statistics.

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